Dear Puppy Raiser of Our Service Dog,

We know it can't be easy. We know the love and time you put into this little puppy. We can't imagine raising him knowing he'd have to leave. You saw him lose his baby teeth (maybe kept one), you taught him sit and stay, you talked to him when you were lonely, he greeted you when you came must be tough. We know what it's like to have a pet who's part of the family and we want you to know. You must have laid with your puppy hoping they'd go to a loving boy and girl. One that would never be too rough, would scratch them where they liked to be scratched, throw the exact toy you know that they love. We want you to know...we will. Your little baby that you loved and cared for over the last year and half is coming to help an amazing little girl. The baby you have cuddled at night will be sleeping beside a sweet and loving girl. Your baby will have a bond with no words, with their own communication only they will know. We know it will be hard that day you have to say goodbye, but please know he's coming to a home with so much love. We may not know his favorite spot to be scratched or his favorite toy to be thrown, but we will. We promise you Puppy Raiser, your baby will be given the same amount of unconditional love and will be cherished everyday. We know...your baby, our baby is already so loved!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! To us and Harper we know Patrick will be a game changer!


Harper's Mom and Dad