This is how we get haircuts in our world. 

First off, it is a full family event!  That's right...all of us.  Mom, Dad, Harper and our little one. We make a day trip out of a standard hair cutting. The entire gang loads up into the car and heads off to the hair cuttery. It has always been this way, and I'm pretty sure it will stay this way for a while.

Getting Harper to sit still is always an event.  Whether it's sitting still to take a picture or sitting down for dinner, Harper has, what's called, "ants in her pants." So, when we go to everybody's favorite children's hair cutting place, Snip-its, we know we need to break out the big guns for keeping Harper seated...the iPhone. (Bad parent alert!)

All Harper needs is a little bit of Elmo on that iphone to get her through the toughest of times.  Actually, it doesn't even need to be Elmo or an iPhone for that matter.  Whenever we need Harper to sit still, we just need to pull out an electronic device, preferably one with a screen. In fact, these screens have gotten us through a lot of difficult times with Harper.  We've made it through EEGs, eye exams, dental exams, Plane flights, long car rides and yes, haircuts. 

Hair cuts are a little tricky because Harper's stylist needs her head tilted at specific angles during the session.  This is where Mom comes in to act as a tripod.  She must hold the phone in such a way that will tilt Harper's head in order for the stylist to work her magic. It is absolute comedy to watch this unfold. 

This dance with the phone only takes place for a few minutes, and then Harper is back to holding the phone on her own.  The joy on her face when she holds the phone on her own is quite a sight. 

So, we've made it to the end of the hair cut and we're usually asked if she wants a braid in her hair.  We are always quick to say yes. We got lucky today because our stylist has made a braid or two before.  The hair-do that Harper came out of that seat with made me think she was going to the prom.  And yes...that's glitter spray in her hair. Fun!  

 Prom hair-do!!

Prom hair-do!!

How do you keep your kids occupied in a chair for an extended amount of time?  Are there any other devices besides electronics that have been proven to work for you?  Tell us...we'd like to know.